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The Georgetown Academy

The Georgetown Academy novels are full-length novels, but more of a weekend read than the Y&P series. They're all romance stories and can be read alone, though some stories  span over more than one novel. The books are for a mature audience.

The teens at the Georgetown Academy are into much more than classes and parties. Sure, they're almost regular teens, but they have an added layer of complexity that forces them into more mature situations.


The Georgetown Academy, Book 1

I was restarting my life after a devastating tragedy. I left my home town, New York City, behind and started my life fresh. A new school, new friends, and a chance to finish my last year of high school like a normal girl. 

But what’s normal when you’re joining a new private school with new classmates in your senior year? Two sets of gorgeous twins rule the school and one of them grabs my attention. But only a gluten for punishment would start to fall for the school’s bully, right?

Luckily, I made a couple of good friends – and an enemy – along the way. In the end I found that I was too naïve about my new school. In New York I could tell when someone was scamming me. In Washington DC, I never saw it coming.

This story ends with a cliffhanger, and is for mature audiences.

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