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Is there romance in Washington, DC?

Of course! All of Vivian Kohlman's books are romance novels written with the backdrop of the nation's capital. Vicariously live the lives of the upper class kids of Washington, DC. There are no politics involved; just the love and friendship challenges shared by all of us. They make mistakes, find happiness, and are broken-hearted at times…but one thing never changes: they will always end up OK. 

See the pages for details on each series, but note the overall theme of each is the privileged life, often full of debauchery, scandal, and--sometimes--sex. None of the books are erotica, but some are a bit steamy in parts. They all include drinking and cursing, and lots of partying...and love and friendship. These young adults provide stories to get lost in. 

The Young and Privileged books are all full length novels; Georgetown Academy books are novellas (shorter reads). Check out each of the books in both series, and sign up to the newsletter so you'll be first to know about discounted books and new releases. Happy reading!

“You seem to be, I don’t know, angry with me,” I said tentatively.

“You’re wrong.”

“So, what’s up with the short answers and you not even looking at me?”

He put his phone down and looked me directly in the eyes. Damn his eyes are so beautiful. A heat wave went through my body when our eyes locked.

“I’m pissed as hell for having to touch you. You felt so fucking good,” he said, putting a lot of emphasis on the last part of that statement. 

Ava and King, Y&P Girls Like Me

“I knew you were a player—I was warned about you, but I fell for you anyway.” 

Kara, Y&P Flawed

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