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Welcome to the Viv Kohlman Blog!

The blog about the Y&P scene.

Well, hello! I have officially started my blog and am oh-so-excited to write about all my favorite things about Washington, DC! Most of the blog topics will feature a place or thing that's mentioned in one or more of the Young and Privileged of Washington, DC series, or will be at some point. Yes, the series is continuing!

I travel around the world a lot, but greatly enjoy the nation's capital; if you can ignore the politics, it's quite a fun place! As a metropolitan area, it's highly educated and very wealthy--the basic elements of the Y&P in DC series. And if you live here, I bet you can see where my ideas came from!

Stay tuned--this blog may seem random at first, but keep in mind that it's intended to cover any aspect of the lifestyle of the Y&P in DC stories.


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