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Big changes for 2018!!

This year is looking bright for the Y&P series! Not only do we have another book coming out (Book 5--Part 2 of Ava's story), but all of the covers are being updated, too. They'll slowly roll out on the site (this has already begun), and will be updated on Amazon and elsewhere as well. This change takes longer than it seems like it should, so please be patient! The goal is to have all 4 books updated, and the 5th one out, by June 1st.

What else is in the works this year? Once book 5 has been released (June 1st), we'll be moving on to book 6. So many stories are planned, but they take a while to get down on paper. We're hoping to get one new book out each year moving forward.

And if we're lucky, the blog will be revamped in summer of 2018. The changes will include blogs about the characters, the locations that are in all the books, and any other items of interest to Y&P readers.

Stand by...2018 will bring lots of changes to this site and the series!!

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