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Book 4 of the Y&P of DC is out!

The third story, and fourth book, of The Young and Privileged of Washington, DC is now available on Amazon and will soon expand to other venues. Get your copy of Girls Like Me today!

A senior in high school, Ava and her friends are enjoying their upscale lives and making the most of what life has to offer. They all attend elite private schools, shop as much as they want, and have little responsibility except to get decent grades. But they still find and lose love, and have growing pains that drive teenage angst like the rest of us.

Book 4 starts the story of Ava, and introduces how she found and solidified her relationship with the one man who she can be with while growing up and being herself. She's a bit of a spoiled brat, but underneath that she's a decent person who's trying her hardest to shed her shy exterior. Maybe he's going to help her become the woman she wants to be?

This novel is not erotica, but there are a couple of steamy scenes...and if you're opposed to cursing, this isn't the book for you! I hope you enjoy it!!

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