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French Kisses

There's nothing like a few French Kisses during brunch, is there? The French Kiss is a champagne drink that lifts the spirits and kicks off the day right--it's a favorite of the Y&P of DC, and is only authentic from the cafe on Prospect Street, Peacock Café.

The cafe's in the heart of Georgetown, serving fantastic food & drinks both inside and out. The Y&P frequent it often, at any time of the day, but mostly for brunch on Saturday and Sunday. French Kisses can be made at home, sure...they're not difficult-just champagne and Creme de Cassis-but trust me, you'll never make it quite as good as they do at Peacock.

Ideal Sunday? Spring or fall, mid-70's and sunny, and sitting at an outside table sipping on a French Kiss and having an omelette with breakfast potatoes. Life can't get better than that!

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